The Story of the Fly and How It Could Save the World

Jason Drew, approx. 170 pages, Cheviot Publishing (2012)


  • Sinn und Werte
  • Haltung und Selbstorganisation
  • Innovation und Veränderung

Who would have thought that the fly, considered by most to be a mere pest, could carry the potential to be such a valuable, misconstrued, inexhaustible resource?

In this book, we are exposed to the innovative, entrepreneurial mastermind, that is Jason Drew, as well as to a number of ways in which Drew manages to look beyond that which is perceived to be ‘ordinary’ or ‘problematic’, to find solutions to problems that may have appeared imperceptible to most.

By investigating more intensely, the intimate details about the fly and the background of interest that it had aroused in the past, Drew and his cowriter, Justine Joseph, attempt to discover ways in which this ‘pesky critter’ could help to save the world as we know it. This would be made possible by recycling waste and using the fly as a source of sustainable protein to feed the exponentially increasing animal and human populations on Earth. This is indeed an innovative alternative to exhausting current, limited, rapidly depleting sources of protein, without which would be catastrophic to the balance of a large ecosystem, leading to the extinction of many species.

This book, through emphasizing Drew’s constant quest to find new, sustainable protein sources for fish and livestock production (given the increasing pressures on our current resources), provides an impressive summary of why the topic of sustainability is pivotal to the future of all living beings and how adopting an innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ entrepreneurial mindset could leverage our ability to be the change that the world is crying out for. It provides a refreshing, bold entrepreneurial perspective to what could be made possible, by finding novel approaches to how to look at and solve problems, while attempting to satisfy the needs of society and the planet and making a commendable living in the process.

The casual, yet effective writing style makes for an easy read for a variety of individuals internationally, appealing to those individuals who are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Tripl3Leader recommends this book as an inspiration for entrepreneurs, as proof that our value chains can be re-thought, that innovation can help to solve even the most complex of problems in order to achieve your unique, authentic leadership and increased positive impact on your company and beyond.