The Corona Chronicles

Ralph Thurm, 240 pages, 2021 by Studio Kers Publishers, English.


  • Innovation und Veränderung
  • Sinn und Werte

Covid-19 is by far not everything. The pandemic has posed a tremendous challenge to all of humanity and has required us to make some adaptations in all areas of life. Ralph Thurm has used this special time to write his new book "The Corona Chronicles".

The result is a book about hope, but also a guide to learn from the Covid 19 crisis. He views this crisis as a time lapse of what is yet to come, either as an economic crisis, ecological crisis, biodiversity crisis, or, most likely, an existential crisis for humanity.

The work consists of a bunch of stories and serves as a kind of wake-up call. It is a call to learn something from the time of the pandemic and shows a way to fulfill our responsibility towards our species and the planet. The time of regeneration must begin without delay. The book supports a deeper dive into who we are and how we integrate as individuals and as humanity on planet Earth. Ultimately, our lives depend on making important decisions this decade and implementing them on a bold scale. The goal has long been clear: an economic system and an associated way of life built on the essential building blocks of "love" and "well-being of all." In doing so, Ralph takes us through many of the ingrained stereotypes we need to let go of and other ideas we need to embrace in developing the "New Normal." In the words of Omar Bradley, quoted in Ralph Thurm's work, "It's time to be steered by the stars, not by the light of each passing ship!"

For executives, the outlook on a desirable "New Normal", which is supported by a fair-distributive, regenerative economic system, is certainly very profitable and interesting - and stimulating for their own work. Ralph Thurm describes the transformational need on the basis of ecological, economic and social aspects. He also refers to a series of essential principles developed by r3.0 (a non-profit initiative whose managing director is Ralph Thurm). The importance of language, communication and a storyline on the way to a new, progressive coexistence is addressed. But read for yourself... it's worth it!

Tripl3Leader recommends "The Corona Chronicles" as a reflection support and for the unfolding of positive thoughts in this special time we are all living through at the moment. Let the positive feelings run free and let this inspiring work carry you through the next time! We wish you much fun!