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Tripl3Leader Book & Coffee Session

Uhr   |   Ort: Tübingen

Tripl3Leader invites you to join our book and coffee session

Am Mittwoch den 14. September findet Tripl3Leaders zweite Book&Coffee-Session statt bei der wir wieder mit einer Gruppe von Führungskräften und Interessenten ein kürzlich erschienenes Buch besprechen. Dieses Mal haben wir das Buch Connectography von Parag Khanna ausgewählt. Wie in dem verlinkten Video, adressiert Khanna auch in seinem Buch, globale Fragen und zeichnet ein mögliches Leitbild für eine zukünftige Gesellschaft welche geprägt ist von Verbundenheit, Verstädterung und staatlicher Dezentralisierung.

„We’re accelerating into a future shaped less by countries than by connectivity. Mankind has a new maxim – Connectivity is destiny – and the most connected powers, and people, will win.“ (Dr. Parag Khanna)

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At the second book and coffee-session Tripl3Leader hosted a discussion on the newest book by Dr. Parag Khanna: „Connectography - Mapping the Future of Global Civilization“. Christoph Bamberg gave a topical introduction and pointed out some key aspects:

1. Politicians should focus less on state borders and more on infrastructure and economic trade-routes in their decision-making.
2. Infrastructure and city-planning-businesses are becoming increasingly important.
3. From more significant decisions of global companies follow wider ramifications and more responsibility.

A vivid discussion followed revolving around the question how executives should relate to the new realities of our increasingly connected world. Tripl3Leader published a book-recommendation for Connectography in the forerun to the event which you can find her


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