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Leistung . Leadership Program

Gemeinsam Führung lernen und Führungskultur entwickeln

Weltweit ausgewählte Führungskräfte lernen führen, packen gemeinsam die aktuellen Herausforderungen an und bauen eine erfolgreiche Führungskultur auf.

Ihr Nutzen eines Führungskräftecoachings

  • Antworten auf das „Was“, „Wie“, „Wohin“ und „Warum“ der Führung
  • Pragmatische Ansätze eine verantwortliche und erfolgreiche Führungskultur zu leben
  • Ein umfassendes und modernes Führungsverständnis
  • Sinnstiftung, Change Management und verantwortungsvolle Innovation, Teamführung, Integration und Kommunikation

Unsere Methoden bei Coachings

  • Klare Zielformulierung für das Programm mit Einbeziehung aller Beteiligten
  • Fokussierter Input, Fallstudien und Übungen, Lernprojekte
  • Maßnahmen zur Stärkung von Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit und Diversität
  • Ergänzende Instrumentarien, Quick Scans, Logbook4Leaders

Eckpunkte für Ihre Planung

Das modulare Programm beträgt üblicherweise 9 bis 12 Monate. Wir arbeiten mit Führungskräften in einer Gruppengröße von 10 bis 45 Personen. Gerne passen wir das Programm Ihrem firmenspezifischen Bedarf und Ihren Wünschen an.

Weitere Informationen

People Leadership

What is it about to be a leader? The first coming to mind is to create Business Results. That is what gets measured and what most often our boss and other stakeholders refer to in conversations. Often it feels like this is the most important element to drive your career. Today, this includes your total impact on financial results, ecological footprint and impact on people.

Leading others is the second element that comes to mind. Reaching targets through and with others and achieving way more by doing so. This is a complex task in order to be successful globally, respecting values and acting with integrity.

Market Leadership gets more and more important over a career. In early leadership roles it is not easy to see how this can be influenced, but the higher you get the more it will be at the center of attention. Positioning your company in the industry area, ensuring break-through innovation belongs to the advanced leadership tasks.

Leading yourself finally is the element that most people are not taking the time for. What is it that I have to learn for my current and future roles? Who do I want to be as a leader? It deserves the same attention as the other areas. Only if you as a leader develop yourself, your company will develop.

While there is a lot of preparation for the results part of the story, and in higher ranks on the strategic thinking around Market Leadership, the other areas most often come as a challenge without preparation. Leading yourself is often being interpreted as something that every individual should do on his/her own to drive his career. But there is a lot of potential for the individual as well as for the corporation, when people know how to develop and use their strengths and get clarity on their targets and expectations. And even more so, if they know how to lead their team members and their teams.


  1. People Leadership – Why, What and How

Starting into a leadership role often comes because of superior performance in the past, mostly paired with a strong motivation. The award to get a bigger role in the foreground often comes with obvious advantages, like a higher salary, a better office etc. All too often because of the obvious changes, the fundamental aspect is neglected. The question is why do you want to be a leader? What is the purpose of leadership and what is the legacy you want to leave behind, when it is time to move to the next step in your career.

This leads to three fundamental questions every leader needs to find answers for.

What do I have to do? That part is mostly obvious. There are clear definitions of the tasks, goals and even the competencies in most of the bigger companies. Being part of a performance management system or not, it is pretty clear what the company wants to see from a leader.
In short, it all goes back to realizing strategy. That is what defines the steps necessary to lead your team to success. The team needs

  • Orientation: Communication of strategy, Goal setting, Performance Management, Build Plans
  • Support: Decision Making, Conflict Management, Change Management
  • Individual guidance: Feedback, Individual Development Planning, Coaching, Motivation.

All of this and more is needed to achieve results through and with others.


The How of Leadership gets more and more important in organizations. While the company wants their leaders to achieve their targets, at the same time they should not do so by all means. Companies establish a company culture. They differentiate themselves from others in the same industry area by the way how they interact with each other, the atmosphere in their locations. High caliber applicants talk about the spirit of the organization and it is amazing how different two companies in the same industry area can be in that aspect. Integrity is one of the important elements: word and action should fall together. We believe that values should guide not only your individual leadership behavior but also the complete company’s culture.


The Why of Leadership. Why do you want to be a leader? Why do you think this company can lead the industry sector? It seems that the discussion about leadership was more focused on the what and how in the past, but recently the question about the meaning and purpose of an organization and of our actions as leaders is coming back and on the table again. It may contain philosophical aspects, but the question has very pragmatic aspects of differentiation in the market place. The Why question has massive impact on the attractiveness of a business for investors, for best talent and for the public opinion. The expressed aspirations also influence clients, industrial or consuming end-users.


  1. A new leadership model for sustainable companies in the 21st century

Change seems to be the word of the day. Everybody agrees that change is the only stable element. But what kind of change is the world being engaged in? And what are the consequences for your leadership in a modern company – and even more if you want to build not only your next career step but a successful organization contributing to a society in which you and the next generations want to live in.

The changes, opportunities and risks with the biggest impact on companies are the following (according to research done by the World Economic Forum, MegaTrend Map and RobecoSAM):

  • Population Growth to 8.4 B in 2032, Growth of Wealth in Middle Class to 172% in 2030
  • Global governance failure, Income disparity, Fiscal imbalances, Corruption
  • Climate Change, Extreme weather, Failure of climate change adaptation, Greenhouse gas emissions, Water supply crisis, Ecosystem decline, Deforestation
  • Individualization, Connectivity, Globalization, Urbanization, Mobility
  • Energy & Fuel, Material Resource Scarcity, Freshwater, Extreme volatility energy and agricultural prices
  • Population aging, Silver Society, Female Shift, New Learning, New Work, Neo-Ecology
  • Health, Food security, Terrorist and Cyber attacks

Building a successful company and a meaningful leadership career requests three components: These three can guide you as an orientation in your People Leadership and beyond. One leads to the other. Every company wants to have reliable positive results and impact. You can only get there by starting with your own intentions:

Ethical Intentions

It all starts with yourself and what you want to achieve.  Where-to do you want to lead your company? What is your vision of your company in terms of positioning in your market and society? How strong are in your direction setting towards benefit all involved?

Responsible Behavior

What are you capable of? What competencies do you have in your team/ in your organization? Where do we need to be better? To you act and conduct business according to your strategy and intention? Are processes and feedback in place to ensure that your intentions are followed?

Sustainable Results

Think of repeatable strong financial results. Also include your impact on people, any involved individual. And integrate your impact on the ecology. Are your results, your full impact, satisfactory to you and all stakeholders?

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