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Fair ness - Der Schlüssel zu Kooperation und Vertrauen

Fair ness - The key to cooperation and trust
Norbert Copray, Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 239 S., 2010

When strength and orientation are to be gained for leadership work, managers reflect on values. A fundamental value for human cooperation and trust is fairness (see e.g. Lit. v. Hans Küng on global values; or the global four-question test of Rotarians; Patrick Lencioni's work on trust is also recommended as an essential basis for any team success - all of them can also be found in our book recommendations).
Norbert Copray, the founder of the first describes in detail how we perceive individual or organized unfairness. He sets fairness traps that drag us into an unfair swamp. He illustrates with detailed examples that also address and criticize the usual management practices and instruments. As an author, Copray helps through various categorizations, such as illegal, illegitimate, irregular and unethical practices or escalation degrees such as dripping, attacking, terrorizing or killing. It shows behaviours for the prevention and management of fairness traps. Furthermore, Copray deals with current brain research, which measurably shows how experienced fairness triggers happy reactions. He then describes how fairness competence and fairness professionalism can be achieved. An essential guiding question here is:'How does action become valuable for employees, society, future generations and the natural environment' For the author, integrity is the connecting centre of fairness competence, which is also expressed in a future and value management geared to sustainability.

Tripl3Leader recommends this book to executives who want to lead beyond pure functioning (in the worst case up to burnout) with tools and techniques in a sustainable value-oriented way and thus become a real force of leadership. Norbert Copray's work is a good impulse on the way to effectively sustainable leadership.
You can order it directly with the button next door. We wish: Good inspiration!

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