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The Healing Organization

Raj Sisoda and Michael J. Gelb, Harper Collins Leadership, United States 2019, 258 p. 

The role of organizations is changing. A value-based scenario leads the thinking from a restrictive shareholder value approach which prefers profits over people or environment to a stakeholder approach taking into account the multiple interest groups.

This book goes even deeper. It sees the power of organizations as ‘Healing Organizations’ to overcome the economic and societal crisis in modern time.

In the wider part of the book you’ll read about cases, where enterprises have changed their way of being essential. In ways, nobody would have thought it is possible. Thus, the book is an inspiration for all who wonder what – and if at all – they can or need to do things differently.

The appreciation of the employees as a group who can take their work experience to their families and friends is one of the principles. Love is a guiding principle, which ideally leads everybody at work to do right for the business, for all involved people and the environment.    

While for European readers it may come across here and there as a typical American business book in its language (pathos) and starting with an essay about the American Dream, it offers clearly a new, rather spiritual perspective. It is a valuable contribution to the discussion on the new role of organizations, which is in search and urgently needed.  Part 3 of the book is dedicated to the Principles of an Healing Organization and on becoming a Healing Leader.

Where we in Tripl3Leader feel close in the positions outlined in the book is 1) the need for organizations bringing the What and Why of business together and 2) when Herb Kelleher is cited with his quote ‘The Business of Business is People’ – while we say ‘The Purpose of Business is Society’ to build community. In essence, it is about the re-thinking, the re-positioning of corporate purpose, strategies, goals as well as behavior and most and before all, attitude.

We recommend this book for all who are deeply reflecting about the right mindset for leaders. Leaving the 20th century exploitation behind and strive to enter a 21st century ‘healing’ business culture.


If a book is a great inspiration for you and you still wonder how to develop your leadership culture towards excellent results for your organizations and society, get in touch with us at Tripl3Leader – The Purpose of Business is Society. 

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