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Services . Coaching on Demand

Immediate Coaching for concrete challenges: when you need it, high value-low cost and no travel needed.

We call it Coaching on Demand – by Tripl3Leader.


For HR / TM:

  • HR decides for whom Coaching on Demand creates highest value in a certain situation
  • CoD works best when a short-term and solution-focused aid is needed
  • You can chose from diverse coupon bundles

For concerned leaders:

  • Coachees work on their challenges on time
  • An experienced Coach partners with the Coachee/leader
  • After the ‚ok‘ by HR you simply start the CoD by a call to T3L


  • Each CoD Coupon includes two 80 minute coaching units and an in-between implementation support
  • CoD is independent from your location and conducted through phone, Skype or similar
  • Session 1 generates the analyses of the issue and first ideas for solutions
  • The Coachee implements and adapts the new behaviour options in-between the two sessions
  • Session 2 performs on evaluation, deepening and further explorations of solutions


  • HR/TM requests one of the coupon bundles from Tripl3Leader.
  • Customer-specific bundles or bundles of 10 or 25 coupons are available
  • Based on current need HR/TM can distribute the coupons to divers leaders
  • The leader/coachee simply calls T3L to share the topic and to make an appointment for the first session
  • The vouchers are invoiced on time of request. HR receives updates on the use and progress from T3L
Further Information

Our Coaching on Demand guarantees a high amount of flexibility and variety of different coaching methods and instruments on the go. With the Coupon-System you can decide whether you, or anyone on you team needs a coaching session.

Tripl3leader provides a variety of up-to-date and relevant Instruments/Tools and Methods to get you the support and reflection you need.


Hogan Assessment:

The Hogan consists of a series of online-questionnaires regarding personal attributes, characterstics and capacities:

  • HPI - Hogan Personality Inventory (day to day base)
    • Checks your strengths on the job
  • HDS - Hogan Development Survey (under stress)
    • Checks your development potential on the job
  • MVPI - Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (values & drivers)
    • Checks your organizational fit
  • EQ - Emotional Intelligence
    • Checks your ability to identify and manage one's own and others' emotions

Click here for: Hogan

MBTI - Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI identifies your own psychological work-type. It can also be used in Team Development Coachings to identify the working composition and fit of your team.

Click here for: MBTI

360° Feedback

Using the 360 Degree Feedback we recognize your development potencial by analyzing your performance for every possible position. Self-evaluation, top-down-evaluation and also bottom-up-evaluation. Together we find the development, which suits you best.

Click here for: 360° Feedback


Tripl3Leader Quick Scans

Our Quick Scans are a variety of in-house-developed Tools that test your leadership and sustainability skills.These tools are developed with the intention of offering you instant insight into where you currently stand with the relevant assessment topics and where your developmental areas might be, through triggering a valuable process of reflection.

  • offer instant insight of your current state, relating to various leadership topics
  • adresses personal development aspects
  • Questionnaire


  • analyses the sustainable leadership thinking
  • analyses the sustainable leadership behaviour
  • analyses the sustainable results of your leadership team


  • valuable insights about your personal motivational structure
  • motivation as a leader
  • individual or collective (also applicable on your team)
  • The LMS is based on a study on leadership motivation which can be seen as an advancement of theories by A. Maslow, F. Herzberg and R. K. Sprenger


  • analyses potential dysfunctions
  • define next steps towards high performance
  • inspired by Lencioni´s model 

Click here for a overview and access: Quick Scans



  • offers inspirational impulses
  • offers space for your next development and actions
  • document your progress on
    • attitude
    • conduct
  • analyse difficult leadership situations
  • self-explaining but also used in Tripl3Leader contributions
  • fits every purse or jacket for your reflection during travels

Click here for more informations: Logbook4Leaders


Tripl3leader Competency Model for True Leadership

A new competency model for sustainable business

Why do we need a new competency model:

No sustainable business results without ethical leaders. No ethical leaders in powerful positions without guiding competencies.

  • is the base of every tool used in the process of selecting and promoting leaders
  • significantly determines the leading positions in a company
  • user-friendly competency model
  • Combines Leadership with Sustainability = Basis for ethical talent Management

Overview Competencies - The Big 6

  1. Purpose & Strategy
  2. Self Leadership
  3. People Leadership
  4. Problem-Solving
  5. Innovation & Change
  6. True Collective Value

Click here for more information: Tripl3leader Competency Model for True Leadership

Main Capacities of the TRUE Leadership Capacity

This is what the base of the TLC looks like.


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