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Tripl3Leader Book & Coffee Session

Uhr   |   Location: Tübingen

Tripl3Leader invites you to join our book and coffee session

We would like to discuss our latest book-recommendation:

"Zukunftsfähige Geschäftsmodelle und Werte" and "CSR und Wertecockpits" by Dr. Friedrich Glauner.


On our latest book&coffee session, the guests had the unique possibility to discuss the books “Zukunftsfähige Geschäftsmodelle und Werte” and “CSR und Wertecockpits” in direct conversation with the author, Dr. Friedrich Glauner.

 Klaus J. Schuler clarified with some preliminary words the visions and approaches of sustainable leadership and leadership development Tripl3Leader is working for. Subsequently, this change of rethinking was presented by Dr. Glauner on the basis of his book “Zukunftsfähige Geschäftsmodelle und Werte”. He specialized on three criteria:

1. The problem of austerity goods based on the accelerated and disruptive race to the bottom through resource depletion

2. System approaches, which generate and promote resource scooping added value circuits for more economic, ecological and social growth

3. Companies, which already developed and implement successful sustainable business models for our society

Finally, the participants arranged a vivid discussion for disputing about current developments and associated requirements for future and sustainable business models. Tripl3Leader published a book-recommendation for “CSR und Wertecockpits” and “Zukunftsfähige Geschäftsmodelle und Werte” which you can find here:

If you also want getting invited for the next book&coffee session, just send us an e-mail to:

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