Team Development

Together towards effectively sustainable business results

Team development is first and foremost a process of change and growth: a group of individuals, brought together or joined together with a focus on a common goal or task. In the process, the team experiences a significant change in its self-image, its cooperation and its performance.

  • Your team is facing a new challenge or is repositioned?
  • Do you want to create a value-oriented and supporting basis for sustainable projects with your team?
  • The roles and responsibilities should be clarified?
  • Tensions within the team or between employees and management prevent your plans from progressing?
  • Do you want to optimize the results of teamwork or increase the team spirit and sense of unity?

The complexity of working and environmental conditions, flat hierarchies or restructuring, the networking of technical know-how, fast reaction and information times as well as the needs of employees require multifunctional and interdisciplinary teams and project teams for entrepreneurial success. At regular intervals and during special events, teams and work groups need time and energy to revise their responsibilities and to regain "mental hygiene". In this way, it is possible to maintain the motivation of team members at a high level, which leads to, among other things, greater acceptance of decisions, higher job satisfaction, more effective use of synergy effects, increased creativity, good interaction between experts, improved cooperation and communication.

With our offer for team development, we support you in creating conditions for successful teamwork for your sustainable business from the very beginning and in releasing the potential in your team.

For this purpose, we offer you the following approaches, among others:

Outdoor - experience-oriented team development

Especially for team and behavioral training, the outdoor method has proven to be a successful instrument and a useful supplement to indoor training. Learning projects and exercises illustrate the special challenges of the working environment. After each action, we conduct a practical evaluation and at the end of the team development we ensure the transfer into the daily work routine by setting concrete implementation goals.

With this method, the team structure becomes quickly visible and the consequences can be experienced directly in nature.

The team members can work on their central issues, try out new things and learn behavioral patterns for everyday work. The team thus gains valuable experience regarding effective work and at the same time has shared experiences in solving tasks.

The exercises are adapted for everyone so that everyone can participate. Physical and mental safety are given the highest priority.

Teamday Outside - re-encounter corona-conform in distance

Many teams have only been able to meet virtually in recent months and many employees* can hardly wait to experience a real team meeting again - as long as it is safe! Especially in virtual times, they need new energy, strengthening cohesion and continued trust. Seeing each other again on a personal level, with direct communication and perception of each other, sharing common experiences and developing goals, networking, inspiration and motivation are important aspects of this, as well as for companies the strengthening of employee satisfaction/health and loyalty during this time.

In everything we do and offer at Tripl3Leader one thing is clear: Real team encounters provide ...more WE-feeling! That is why we have prepared ourselves well and designed an outdoor team meeting with distance. Considering all important hygiene measures, we will be dressed in weatherproof shoes and jackets and in combination with selected partner locations, which also have well-founded security concepts, we will enable a live meeting.

Experience a day full of variety in a lively atmosphere with exercise, including team tasks in nature. Everyone can use their individual talents and abilities to fulfill the tasks. This can also be implemented despite corona, because group meetings and dynamics can be easily created in a team at a distance - of course with clear rules and guidelines that all participants* adhere to. The debriefing of the actions in the team also offers the opportunity for further impulses, formulating agreements or next steps.

Your day could look like this

10:00 a.m. Arrival in the open air and organizational standogram and expectations

WalkToTalk with topic - the following questions, among others, invite you to exchange ideas:

  • How am I doing in my home office and what has the year 2020 done to me?
  • What works well and is easy for me?
  • What can be improved and is rather difficult for me?
  • What do I need as support for the future?
  • What if the Corona situation continues?

12:30 p.m. Lunch break with refreshment in a selected partner location

1:15 p.m. Joint action to increase the "we-feeling" - team tasks with distance depending on the topic within the team

4:00 p.m. Reflection and good-by


We adapt the contents and methods individually after a detailed preliminary talk. For your individual Teamday Outside please contact us.

Sailing offers development potential


From May to September, we offer you coaching and team development of a special kind:

Come on board our sailing ship on Lake Constance and grow together as a team.

We will gladly tell you more.