For teams

The performance of teams makes the difference. Learn how to reflect together with your team on attitude, get feedback and develop further. Value-oriented team leadership enables sustainable business results.

What does my team stand for?

Find out the attitude of your team towards leadership, business and sustainability issues. Which values does your team identify with and which leadership culture is aspired to and perceived?

Our moderated discussion of True Leadership PLEDGE shows your team ways to increase performance for the company and society at large, and to focus on them.

How effective sustainable does my team think and act?

Value-oriented team leadership is a key competence that is gaining importance in order to be successful in the 21st century. With (feedback) instruments, selected methods and evaluation, the current situation of the team can be described. It serves the further development of individually identified competencies.

How can my team and I develop new competencies?

For a targeted competence development in the team, we work with selected and varied methods that address the whole person in thinking, feeling and acting on different levels. Team spirit creates closeness and successful teamwork generates sustainable company results. It is important how we do things. This is where we support teams from the beginning and release the potential in your team.

The development for effective sustainable leadership
True Leadership JOURNEY

Strengthening teams together
Team Development

Competency development

Support for further development for individuals

How can I ensure my whole company is moving forward?

A holistically integrated True Leadership approach, which takes effect at different levels in organizations, enables a value-oriented and reflected leadership culture. We are happy to provide impulses and accompany you in a company-specific way.

Integration of effectively sustainable leadership competencies
True Leadership CAPACITY-MODEL

Community-Dialogues with Stakeholders

Which tools, methods & literature are helpful?

Selected methods, tools and literature tips provide valuable impulses for successful teamwork. Find interesting and relevant book tips and a special selection of methods and impulses on the topics of future-proof leadership and sustainability.

Valuable inputs, models and methods
True Leadership TOOLBOX
Book recommendations

What events are there on the topic of leadership and sustainability?

Find the best fitting format for you: From digital webinars to one-day events, workshops lasting several days to holistic training programs. Please feel free to contact us if required.