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Top Team Scan (TTS)





Every high performance team needs a check-up from time to time. What about our trust in each other, how capable of conflict are we, is the commitment of all given and are we working towards common goals?

Our experience shows - team performance makes the difference. The performance of teams can be trained very well with our Top Team Scan.

For many people, the feeling of team membership as well as the perception within the team is important for their own well-being. The Top Team Scan is also inspired by P. Lencioni and his book about the '5 Dysfunctions' and analyses disturbing functions that can occur within each team. The Scan is a quick method to do a short analysis of the status quo and to get in the report indications how to lead your team to maximum performance.




  • Independent of time and place: the online implementation allows you to answer the questionnaire wherever you are and whenever you want
  • Time efficient: 20 questions, completion time approx. 10 minutes. The TTS enables the essential aspects to be answered briefly and concisely in a short time
  • Any number of team members can use the TopTeamScan simultaneously
  • The results are processed anonymously in the report. Only the view of the leader is compared to the view of the team in the report
  • The report shows the results for 5 essential team behaviors/characteristics. It shows the dispersion of opinions, average and median.
  • You receive concrete starting points for the next steps and possibilities to optimize the team - a good basis for a valuable team discussion.



The price depends on the number of team members.

  • Basic fee: 45€
  • Price per participating person: 9€
  • Report: 145€

Example for 10 participants: 45€ + 90€ + 145€ = 280€



We also have expressive slides available for you if you wish to have certain aspects specially prepared for your presentation; we would also be happy to conduct a workshop with your team to explain the results and initiate appropriate follow-up steps.



You can order the TopTeamScan directly from us: Please let us know the number of participating persons and the desired time for the report. You will then receive the invoice from us. After receipt of money you will receive the access code and all further information.


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