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Products . True Leadership Capacity Model

The Tripl3leader Competency Model for True Leadership (TLC) is an accurate, user-friendly competency model, that serves as a solid foundation for any organisational leadership tool. It captures the critical capacities and key behaviors linked to True Leadership and acts as an essential catalyst in the positive evaluation and development of True Leaders throughout their leadership journey.

A new competency model for sustainable business

Why do we need a new competency model?

"No sustainable business results without ethical leaders. No ethical leaders in powerful positions without guiding competencies"

Our competency model [...]

  • is the base of every tool used in the process of selecting and promoting leaders
  • significantly determines the leading positions in a company
  • user-friendly competency model
  • combines Leadership with Sustainability = Basis for ethical talent Management

Overview Competencies - The Big 6

  1. Purpose & Strategy
  2. Self Leadership
  3. People Leadership
  4. Problem-Solving
  5. Innovation & Change
  6. True Collective Value

Client feedback

The implementation of the TLC was very, very helpful for me. It encourages reflection and is a good support for ideas. Thank you for providing the TLC, it will certainly help me and my team!

(A Senior Leader)

You can combine and choose between the following three tools:



You need help with the assessment of new employees coming straight out of the university?

Looking for potential candidates for your new Trainee-Program?

We're working with a support-tool for Sustainable Talent Recruiting - TLC Graduates.

  • Is based on the Tripl3Leader Competency Model for True Leadership
  • Is a shortened TLC questionnaire with relevant questions tailored for university graduates
  • Delivers a short report with highlight and lowlight capacities of the candidate
    • Is made to support the HR departement with their assessment

Feel free to contact us if you're interested.

TLC - Middle Management

You want your business to make more sustainable profit? Then it is very important, that your middle management positions are adequately trained on sustainable economy and sustainable leadership.

The TLC - Middle Management Tool supports you on your recruitment-, promotion- and development activities on mid-level management positions.

  • Gives feedback on ethical leadership, sustainable crisis management and sustainable results in general
  • Can be used in a variety of HR-Tools
  • Is the best model to support your leadership team on the complexity and challenges of today's society and economy

Contact us if you're interested in a redesign of your in-house competency model and in the development of your mid-level management to act more sustainable in any possible way. See the form below.

TLC - Top Level Management

Companies are today more than ever part of public discussions and criticism. The public reputation decides wheather a company is appealing to the best graduates and talents or not.

Sustainable margins can only be generated with responsible innovation. Your Top Level Management is trained to make crucial decisions. Accordingly it is the responsibility of the HR Department, to get the managers to the managing director positions and c-level executive positions.

The TLC Top Level Management [...]

  • is built to support you in the sustainable development of the company's management development program
  • supports the HR Department on the recruitment and selection process of sustainable leaders
  • delivers and supports the department with a tailored development suggestion for your Top Level Management
  • can be tailored onto your specific requirements

Connect with us, if you want your current and future leaders to become more sustainable and take a big step onto the needs of the 21th century. Polish up your public reputation and become a sustainable marketleader - together with Tripl3Leader.

Would you like to know more? please contact us!

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