True Leadership Journey Digital

The True Leadership Journey Digital is the online leadership development program for effective sustainable leadership.

We invite you/your leaders to dive into our True Leadership Journey DIGITAL and benefit from many development opportunities for your sustainable business. We accompany you on your journey with numerous prepared media (podcasts, videos, learning materials).

The screenshots show excerpts from the True Leadership Journey Digital program.


The Content


The program covers the essential 27 competencies of leadership. These are bundled into 6 competency areas:


1. Purpose & Strategy

2. Self-Leadership

3. People Leadership

4. Problem-Solving & Change

5. Innovation

6. True Collective Value/ sustainable results

Which package is right for you?

The Journey is designed as a development journey and, depending on the format, runs over several modules and months. The individual modules are designed as online courses, which you can purchase individually or at a discount in packages.

Choose for yourself what is best for you as a leader, or what is best for you as a talent manager for your leaders:


Product modules chapters Toolbox
Specific Competence Area*
5** 1 - -
All Areas*
27 6 - -
Full Package
27 6 yes yes




Specific Competence Area* (350€ / h) - 415€
All Areas* (350€ / h) - 1999€
Full Package 6 hours yes 3949€

*There is the possibility to obtain a certificate by adding coaching to your journey.
**The number of modules per chapter varies, the average is 5 modules.

Our methods:

  • Diverse media (videos, podcasts, screencasts, etc.)
  • Independent, reflective tasks
  • Quizzes for learning assessments
  • Possibility for individual coaching
  • Knowledge transfer into own business and/or team
  • Application during the duration of the program generates knowledge and experience and ensures the transfer of learning into one's own practice. There are numerous activating tasks for this purpose.

Participants Feedback: TLJ 2019/2020


„The topic of sustainable leadership is something I haven't explored in such depth before, and it's something I'll be paying attention to in the future.“

“What particularly impressed me was the logical link between people, profit and the environment right from the start. In the hectic day-to-day business, it is important to link these three aspects because this is the only way to solve today's challenges.”

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