The Purpose Economy

Aaron Hurst, ca. 260 pages, Elevated (2014)


  • Sinn und Werte
  • Haltung und Selbstorganisation
  • Innovation und Veränderung

Aaron Hurst hits the nail on the head with his book title: The Purpose Economy. It seems like everybody is looking for more purpose. In this 2014 book, he explains the dynamics behind the successful taproot foundation, an organization he once founded, and shares many additional examples, sometimes in length. Interesting aspects include the typical growth-cycles of a company from a one product, purpose-convinced, few people shop to a Goliath-kind of a giant with thousands of employees and experiencing a hard time to (re)establish a new kind of purpose, which then has to lie in the individual jobs and roles. Voluntarism is sometimes created by not having the fulfillment at the main job, then turning outside, and looking for purpose elsewhere. Aaron describes what the purpose economy is about, the importance of purpose to our lives, how companies are changing their course. In addition, he brings five important levers for change to our attention: The bright spot, research and data, disruptive technology, public perception and policy changes.

Tripl3Leader recommends the reading of this book to re-define the purpose in your own leadership role and for your whole company. What would you and your leadership team say about what the purpose of your company is?

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