The Breakthrough Challenge

John Elkington, Jochen Zeitz, 250 pages, Jossey-Bass (2014)


  • Sinn und Werte
  • Haltung und Selbstorganisation
  • Innovation und Veränderung

John Elkington was the one who told us already 20 years ago that the usual P&L is not enough to talk about the real value, cost, result and impact of an enterprise and suggested the triple bottom line. This new book makes it obvious: Business as usual is not an option anymore. We need breakthrough solutions and innovations for the time to come. Every industry will be re-designed through the necessity to address the major global challenges, namely safety, water, food and health. While collaborating and joining forces across administration and consumer initiatives, businesses need to lead the way in this process, as we cannot wait for international regulations. Excellent examples are shared from respected companies and CEOs on how to make the shift happen. Orientation is given in multiple ways on breakthrough aspirations, corporate structures, true accounting principles and how companies can support the well-being of all of us. This book is inspiring. It addresses the need for meaning and purpose for every want-to-thrive organization. It gives references to a very interesting bunch of organizations, which are all searching to increase their positive social and ecological impact together with a financially successful future.

Tripl3Leader recommends reading it today, to apply lessons and transform your company to get ready for the future.

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