Finding Your True North

Bill George, Andrew McLean, Nick Craig ca. 200 pages, Jossey-Bass (2008)


  • Sinn und Werte
  • Haltung und Selbstorganisation
  • Innovation und Veränderung

This personal guide takes you immediately into concrete exercises. One by one, in a logical sequence. As you dive in, you need to take your time and be honest with yourself to discover what makes you a great leader. Bill, formerly CEO of Medtronic, and his co-authors start with the story-line of your life, explaining rather destructive responses to leadership challenges, including the response of what they call the imposter, rationalizer, glory seeker, loner and shooting star. The content is presented in a very practical way with summaries, short explanations and space for your own exercises. After the analyses of your potential leadership traps, you learn about critical incidents in your life, which help you to transform yourself towards not perfection, but authentic leadership. The exercises are well explained, some still may want to read the book True North first before engaging in this workbook. In the values section one may or may not agree with the offered list of values as those are mixed with rather goals or methods, like teamwork or wealth. The instructions to translate your unique values into practice, even under pressure, and defining your ethical boundaries, are again helpfully followed by a strong chapter on your support group, including team, mentors, family and friends. After each chapter additional reading tips for deeper dives are given. It is a well-rounded, recommended workbook, which promises and certainly does help to define the elements of your leadership compass and find your true north called orientation in work and life. All exercises culminate in creating your personal leadership development plan.

Tripl3Leader recommends to work with this book in order to achieve your unique authentic leadership and for increased positive impact on your company and beyond. How much more could you and your organization achieve with the maximum power of authentic leaders?

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