Walls to Bridges: The Global Ethic

Hans Küng, iPub Global Connection, 237 p. (2019)


  • Sinn und Werte
  • Haltung und Selbstorganisation
  • Innovation und Veränderung

Many experience the complexity of the world as increasingly complicated. How do we make personal or corporate decisions in a global world in which orientation seems increasingly impossible? Global ethics can provide an answer. Decades of research by Prof. Hans Küng and his team have identified the general ethical values in both the spiritual religious world and the secular world. An important fundamental work for the survival of humanity. In doing so, he has also created a language that helps responsible people in global contexts not to lose themselves in arbitrariness, but to be guided by universally ethical constants. It is a positive counter to the clash of civilizations, showing that clear thinking, a positive attitude, and concrete action are necessary to make progress toward an ethical society.

One thing becomes crystal clear, a global world needs global rules and orientation. Global ethics provides this orientation even for life and work situations where no decided rules are available. In his book published in 2012, Prof. Küng describes his forward-looking vision 'Global Ethic as an Opportunity', clarifies possible misunderstandings in the terminology and justifies global ethic pragmatically as well as philosophically, culturally anthropologically, politically and legally, among other things. The book gives concrete hints for the implementation especially in politics and economy and provides an overview of essential global ethic documents, such as the 'Manifesto Global Business Ethic. Consequences for the global economy'. It provides good arguments for board meetings or leadership circles dealing with tricky dilemmas and global challenges.

For executives, the book contains explosives as well as guidance and is anything but comfortable. To implement the two universal principles elaborated - humanity and reciprocity - as well as the four values - non-violence, solidarity, tolerance and partnership - in business life requires courageous decision-making, real leadership and often a realignment of corporate culture and strategy.

Tripl3Leader.com recommends this book because it is a very different from usual, but absolutely fundamental 'management' book for leaders. It helps leaders to fundamentally understand dilemmas and discover new starting points of action. Hans Küng may be praised as a person with a great mind and a great heart, who knows how to bring the basics for ethical action and a possible living together to the reader in a lighthouse-like way.

The media documentation of Prof. Hans Küng's life's work includes many other books, films and interactives. If you have little time for reading, start with this book, which belongs in the handset of every manager.

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