The Leading Brain: Neuroscience Hacks to Work Smarter, Better, Happier

Friederike Fabritius und Hans Werner Hagemann, 2018, TarcherPerigee, 336p., English


  • Mitarbeiter- und Teamführung/Stakeholder
  • Innovation und Veränderung

The Leading Brain brings neuroscience into the corporate world in a vivid way. With current research findings, they provide a practical introduction to topics such as enhancing performance and changing habits at the individual, but also at the team level.

The book addresses the classic questions of managers and employees but focuses on how the brain works. The influence of neurotransmitters on our motivation or procrastination is illustrated with examples from the corporate world. The authors are also convinced that the ability to use one's mind optimally can be learned, trained, and improved. While the focus of this book is on professional life, many concepts can be applied to personal life as well.

Overall, the book is divided into three parts: First, the authors discuss how to realize personal potential while taking neural differences into account. This is followed by topics such as stress, emotion, and attention. This is followed by chapters dealing with change. These include how to intuitively make better decisions and how to use the brain to enable lifelong learning. Finally, the content previously learned is applied to team development. Here, the focus is on how teams can achieve successful collaboration not despite, but because of diversity, especially in terms of neural differences. This is not just about tapping into potential, but above all about keeping employees' brains happy.

The individual chapters can be read quickly. Small summaries at the end of each chapter help with refreshing or serve as a short impulse. Each chapter is multifaceted, with short scientific inputs and anecdotes from the field. Tangible tools for practical use often underpin vivid examples. For example, when it comes to being more present in the team or quitting smoking after all - the Kaizen method can be a helpful approach to changing habits!

As with Tripl3Leader, this book focuses on people. Developing one's potential does not stop at the workplace alone but goes beyond that. "The fact that a goal looks good on paper is no guarantee that you will achieve it. For that, the goal must be emotionally relevant." Therefore, we recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand and reflect on their behavior and those around them against the backdrop of neuroscientific findings and who is looking for practical suggestions for further development.

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