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A value-oriented corporate culture is the key to sustainable innovations and corporate results. Here you will learn which competencies are particularly relevant for effectively sustainable leaders, how attitudes and feedback culture can be structurally integrated into organizations and how appreciative dialogues with stakeholders can be conducted.

What do we stand for as a company?

What corporate culture is your organization known for? How do your employees perceive your company? We support you in realizing the impact, positioning and reputation of a sustainable company. We develop structures and manage processes for a value-oriented corporate culture with relevance for all stakeholders. Mindset - purpose - community - innovation and resilience are essential aspects.

How effective and sustainable is your organization?

Find out for your organization how distinctly described the effective sustainable leadership competencies are. Which strengths and areas of development can be identified and which action steps make sense?

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How will your organization develop further?

Competence development is an investment in the future. To overcome challenges in everyday management and to effectively achieve sustainable results, our work focuses on six areas: Purpose & Strategy, Self-Leadership, People-Leadership, Problem-Solving & Change, Responsible Innovation and True Collective Value. The areas of competence are illustrated in our True Leadership Competence Model.

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How do you develop your business together with and through your stakeholder community?

Communication with different stakeholder groups is an essential aspect of integrating needs into corporate strategy and promoting responsible innovation. This increases the resilience of an organization, improves its impact in society and strengthens its own ecosystem.

Community Dialogues with Stakeholders

Which tools, methods & literature are helpful?

Selected methods, tools and literature tips provide valuable impulses for successful teamwork. Find interesting and relevant book tips and a special selection of methods and impulses on the topics of future-proof leadership and sustainability.

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What events are there on the topic of leadership and sustainability?

Find the best-fitting formats for yourself: From digital webinars to one-day events, workshops lasting several days to holistic training programs. Please feel free to contact us if required.