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For us, leaders are all people who are committed to a world worth living in tomorrow. Here you will learn how to reflect your attitude as a leader, get feedback, develop yourself and inspire your team.

What do I stand for as a Leader?

Every person is different. Values are deeply rooted in us humans. Values usually determine unconsciously how we find something, what we stand for, what we reject, what makes us happy and what drives us. As a leader I bear responsibility and at the same time a value-oriented attitude creates responsible behavior.

Our True Leadership PLEDGE offers a strong orientation. To what extent does it correspond to you, or what would you like to formulate differently for yourself? We invite you to reflect and sign the PLEDGE towards True Leadership. Join the movement!

How effective and sustainable is my leadership?

True Leadership SCORE provides leaders with a comprehensive assessment of their working environment. How effectively do you think, act and generate results? Your leadership competencies with their individual strengths as well as development areas are identified, and you receive targeted development recommendations for the personal development of your leadership behavior.

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True Leadership Score

How do I further develop my skills?

Formats for developing value-based leadership competencies: Training concepts, workshops, events and coaching offer the opportunity for significant improvement of your leadership performance. We work with you as an individual leader or with your in-house management team while we also offer open public enrollment programs for leaders.

The training for effective sustainable leadership

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Support for further development for individuals


Valuable inputs, models, and methods

True Leadership TOOLBOX

How do I take my team with me?

As a Leader, the harmonious interaction with the team is crucial for success. Your own development and the development of your team go hand in hand. Supporting teams, making them fit for the future, and developing your leadership skills is our competence. We use proven tools, suitable activating methods and selected areas of experience.

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Which tools, methods & literature are helpful?

These resources support your individual learning progress. Here you will find a special selection of methods, impulses and literature tips on the topics of future-proof leadership and sustainability. The True Leadership TOOLBOX offers over 160 supporting impulses at any time and develops the competencies of effectively sustainable leaders.

Valuable inputs, models and methods
True Leadership TOOLBOX
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Events on Leadership and Sustainability?

Get an overview and decide on the best fit for you: From digital webinars to one-day events, workshops lasting several days to holistic training programs. Please feel free to contact us.