We bring movement to your concerns with the aim of implementing your plans and effectively establishing sustainable business.

  • Are you looking for experienced workshop moderators for the topics strategy, change and transformation?
  • Do you want to involve your employees, efficiently implement change projects in the direction of sustainability, develop action plans together, and shape the future together with your employees and leaders?
  • As an executive, you want to accelerate processes or effectively design communication with customers?
  • Maybe you want to improve topics such as communication, conflict management, feedback and information flow? Or do you need space for discussion, exchange of knowledge and experience or good decisions?

Our experienced and excellently trained workshop moderators will support your concerns, for example at closed meetings, strategy workshops or workshops on change processes or change management.

Our special formats:

Ethical compass for companies

An ethical compass saves the company from many wrong turns, thereby supporting both the effectiveness of the company in its impact and the efficiency of its activities. A clear ethical compass makes the company attractive to highly qualified talents and guides innovation towards increased social benefits and thus a high reputation.
We would be happy to work out your ethical compass with you. The starting point can be the discussion of 'True Leadership PLEDGE' - as a foreword to your Code of Conduct.

True Leadership Pledge

Community Dialogs with Stakeholders

Business is Society - the success of an organization will increasingly depend on the active support of its community. But how does a company actively build a relationship of trust with a large community of diverse stakeholders?

Social benefits from its own entrepreneurial activity can only be ensured through the exchange of ideas with the stakeholders. The selection and integration of suitable stakeholder groups is the prerequisite for effective dialog and corporate development.

Tripl3Leader supports you in the conception of the stakeholder dialog, in the definition of the relevant target groups, in the design for stakeholder meetings as face-to-face or virtual events. We are happy to develop or revise your stakeholder concept with you or organize and moderate your next stakeholder dialog.