Quick Scans

Our in-house developed Quick Scans help you to get a quick overview of your relevant development areas - individually or for your team. In this way, we identify areas of development with you and initiate a result- and action-oriented reflection process.

All Quick Scans are based on questionnaires. It takes no longer than approx. 10 minutes to answer and can therefore be carried out flexibly in terms of time and space. The reports contain detailed results as well as valuable development opportunities and tips for practical implementation.

Top Team Scan

The TTS is inspired by a model by Patrick Lencioni and analyzes disturbance functions that can occur within a team. The scan provides clues as to how your team can be led to peak performance.

  • Analyzes potential dysfunctions
  • Defines the next steps to improve personal or corporate team performance
  • Based on the Lencioni model

True Leadership Scan

The TLS analyzes how sustainably your management team thinks, acts and achieves results. The TLS helps you to improve your strategic thinking, implementation and results.

  • Analyzes your sustainable leadership thinking
  • Analyzes your sustainable leadership behavior
  • Analyzes the sustainable results of your management team

Leadership Motivation Scan

The LMS provides information about your personal motivation structure and what drives you and how you motivate others in your role as a leader.

  • Insights into your personal motivation and motivational structure
  • Insights about your leadership motivation
  • Individually or collectively (feasible in a team)
  • Based on a study on leadership motivation, which can be seen as an extension of the theories of A. Maslow, F. Herzberg and R. K. Sprenger.

Seminar participants get access to our online Quick-Scans in the customer portal.