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Effectively achieving sustainable business results together.

The performance of teams makes the difference. Here you will learn how you and your team can reflect on your attitude, give and receive feedback and develop yourselves further. Value-oriented team leadership enables sustainable business results.

Team development is a continuous growth process that maintains the performance and adaptability of your team in changing environments in the long term, promotes job satisfaction and interrupts dysfunctional patterns.

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Come on board our sailing ship on Lake Constance and grow together as a team.

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Further information & FAQs

How can I start my team development with Tripl3Leader?

First of all, you can contact us conveniently by e-mail or telephone. Arrange a consultation appointment with us directly. You can find our contact details here.

  1. In a consulting session - on site or online - we will present our services to you and clarify your questions. In order to put together an individualized team development package for you, we would like to understand your specific concerns and find out the extent of the development and who will be involved.
  2. Through pre-intervention interviews and our Top Team Scan, we want to understand your challenges and the needs of all individuals so that we can develop comprehensive solutions.
  3. In consultation with you and the team, we design a team development program that is right for you and your team.
  4. We carry out the jointly agreed workshops and formats with you and your team.
  5. We evaluate the outcome of the intervention and present our results to you.




Which formats can I book with Tripl3Leader?


In a team development program, we rely on proven methods ranging from targeted team building activities to customized workshops and training sessions to promote communication, conflict resolution skills and a positive feedback culture within the team. Our approach is based on building trust and clarifying roles within the team, which is essential for effective collaboration and achieving common goals. With regular feedback sessions and coaching, we provide continuous support aimed at overcoming both individual and collective challenges and sustainably improving team performance.


Additional to indoor training, outdoor learning projects and exercises illustrate the special challenges of the working environment. The team structure quickly becomes visible and the consequences can be experienced directly in nature. After each activity, we carry out a practical evaluation, and finally, ensure the transfer to everyday working life through concrete implementation goals.

We adapt the exercises so that everyone can take part and place the highest value on the physical and mental safety of all participants.


Which tools can be used for team development?

Value-oriented team leadership is an important key competence for being successful in the 21st century. The current situation of the team can be described using (feedback) instruments, selected methods and evaluation. This serves as a basis for further developing individually identified skills.

Top Team Scan                                                                                 True Leadership Score

What impulses on the subject of team development are helpful?

Selected methods, tools and literature tips provide valuable impulses for successful teamwork. Here you will find interesting and relevant book tips and a special selection of methods and impulses on the topics of future-proof leadership and sustainability.

True Leadership Toolbox                                                                    Book recommendations

Which further options are there to develop my team?

Develop new skills for you and your team. Teams are constantly evolving. You can influence how. We are happy to support you on this journey.

True Leadership Journey                              Trainings                              Coaching

How can I take the entire company with me?

A holistically integrated True Leadership approach, which takes effect at various levels in organizations, enables a value-oriented and reflective leadership culture. We are happy to provide impetus and support you on a company-specific basis.

True Leadership Pledge                              True Leadership Capacity Model                              Moderation

How can I establish a focus on sustainability in my team?

The focus on sustainability-related thinking and action is all the more effective the more it is established in the team. We are convinced that sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time. For this reason, we consider the topic of sustainability directly in all our team developments and provide corresponding impetus.

Participants' feedback


„Best Team Development ever.“

(Head of R&D, Automotive Industry)


„I can feel us as a team again.“

(Group leader, Mechanical Engineering)


„Let's get started!“

(Team, Medical Engineering)