True Leadership PLEDGE

Do you deal with your values as a leader? Where are you and your employees heading? What effect do you want to create as a leader and how does your action affect society?

The True Leadership PLEDGE allows leaders to express and reflect on their intentions, strategic implementation of goals, and the desired results. In the form of a pledge, the values of individuals, teams, and entire organizations can be recorded and integrated into structures. This is a beautiful and memorable way of living and developing common ground.

We would be happy to support you in integrating a meaningful goal, such as a preamble to the Code of Conduct or to optimize your HR processes.

More than 200 people have already expressed their support for True Leadership PLEDGE in various formats and events. Become part of the community and express your support for sustainable corporate management.

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True Leadership PLEDGE

Based on the Hippocratic oath of the medical profession, the True Leadership PLEDGE expresses the intention, strategy, fields of action, and the claim of generating results.


I do no harm.

My personal intention and business strategy is to serve the well-being of all.

My business activity contributes to a prosperous and healthy global society, respects human dignity and protects the environment.

The conduct of my business increases freedom, joy and learning of all involved.

My business results create true collective value.

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True Leadership PLEDGE

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Ethical compass provides orientation

An ethical compass saves the company from many wrong turns, thereby supporting both the effectiveness of the company in its impact and the efficiency of its activities. A clear ethical compass makes the company attractive to highly qualified talents and guides innovation towards increased social benefit and thus a high reputation.

We are happy to create your company-specific ethical compass. The discussion of the 'True Leadership PLEDGE' could also be a start. Let us talk about it!