Coaching is support for further development. Leaders reflect on their competencies and expand their behavioral repertoire in view of current challenges. Tripl3Leader Coaching supports you in taking on extended, more complex areas of responsibility. Coaching clarifies relationships with other people/groups experienced as difficult, even in an intercultural environment. In the coaching process, your own expectations can be reflected and reconciled with those of your surroundings. The goal is to fully exploit one's potential in the professional role and to integrate it into a fulfilled life.

We offer a wide range of additional materials and tools for the client's personal development.

Tripl3Leader COACHING

Tripl3Leader Coaching is aimed at companies and individuals who, as True Leaders, focus on their personal development and growth, who use coaching as part of their personnel and leadership development in the form of coaching programs or support for change processes. In phases of change it is important to find and follow new paths. Paths that take us forward and open new perspectives that develop leadership behavior in an authentic and value-based manner. In doing so, we meet people at eye level. With full trust and openness, with respect and appreciation. With humor and depth ...from person to person.

The topics listed here show the focus of our Tripl3Leader Coaching. We offer you a high degree of flexibility and a wide selection of different coaching methods, current instruments and tools. Furthermore, we can design customized coaching and development programs and adapt them together with you. We coach the executive focused on personal and sustainable corporate success.

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Our executive coaching is aimed at managing directors, board members and C-level leaders - whether in a start-up company or in a group. You have already achieved a great deal, you drive topics and companies forward and are able to achieve more than others.

Yet you rarely have someone with whom you can talk at eye level about what really moves you. A counterpart who gives honest feedback, sets important impulses and activates and expands your ability to find answers. A trusted person who gives space for everything that requires attention, for reflection and self-perception as well as for new perspectives and for topics that cannot be addressed anywhere else. Our coaching supports you, among other things, in meeting new challenges, expanding your scope of action or making coherent decisions. With a combination of analysis, communication and value-based stakeholder management skills, you can improve your executive performance. Even a first discreet preliminary talk on the phone or in private can provide more clarity and important impulses.


Tripl3Leader Coaching creates the space in which leaders can reflect and find solutions to current, continuously and rapidly changing situations and challenges in their everyday leadership. They clarify their role and develop their attitude as true leaders and shapers. In doing so, they repeatedly reflect on their own leadership behavior and develop perspectives that help them to increase their effectiveness in sustainable corporate development. A positive approach to the environment (society/stakeholders), the environment (ecology) and posterity (next generations) is part of the reflections for modern leadership in the 21st century.


Team restructuring and promotions can present leaders with a number of challenges. Perhaps you are working with a new team or you are delegating your colleagues after a promotion. Perhaps you are at a critical and difficult point in the project and you want to continue to master the complexity. For significant change projects we also coach change leadership teams. By working with us, management teams strengthen their positive 'handprint', i.e. their contribution to society.


Mindfulness means to be present in the moment and to recognize and accept our perceptions without judgment. This is not a new invention and has rather been used for thousands of years. Inner Mindfulness is a method of self-observation that leads us to a special alertness and increased awareness of inner processes. This enables us to achieve a clear, refined awareness of ourselves, to step back from emotional entanglements and to look at the whole in a relaxed way. Our coaching is aimed specifically at people whose inner warning signals in life are glowing red. Constant stress, professional or personal crises and strokes of fate are mentally stressful. Everybody sends individual warning signals. If these are recognized, it is time to pause and, with the help of coaching, to take time and space to reflect on yourself and, above all, to take yourself seriously. The goal of the coaching is to strengthen the awareness of oneself and to recognize and learn mechanisms to build up and improve one's own inner resistance.

Some of our instruments


The Hogan Assessment consists of a series of online questionnaires specialized in diagnosing your personal attributes, characteristics and competencies:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI ) - Examines your strengths in your daily work
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) - Examines your development potential in everyday work
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) - Examines their fit with the company
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Checks your ability to identify and control your own emotions as well as those of others


The MBTI identifies your personal work type. This instrument is also used in our team coaching sessions to identify the teamwork constellation.

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