To develop effectively sustainable leaders and employees, we work with different formats, methods and tools. Please contact us for the conception and implementation of individual formats.

Tripl3Leader – SELECT

The Tripl3Leader SELECT service is a partner for the HR department. Together with you, we optimize your selection and promotion processes so that the right people get to the right places.

For new hires, attitude is harder to change than skill. On the way to a sustainable company it is therefore important to pay special attention to this when hiring new employees. We review and revise your selection tools such as interview forms, assessment tasks, etc. with you. The ideal new hire brings with him/her not only a reflective attitude but also experience in responsible behavior and expertise in generating sustainable results.

Internal promotion: Especially with internal promotion, it is important to make the value orientation of the company visible. The best way to do this is to use selection instruments that review and reward reflected attitudes, responsible behavior and proof of generating sustainable results.

Talent Management Support

Targeted talent & leadership development

A sound knowledge of current talent trends, social changes or value-oriented management development as well as a corporate orientation towards effective sustainable business contribute significantly to future success. Tripl3Leader offers a wide range of up-to-date, practice relevant instruments, tools and modern methods. With this we ensure that you get the support you need for your further development, for example for:

a reorientation of personnel and executive development through the appropriate competence model, selecting, promoting and developing personnel correctly, identifying, promoting and developing talents - evaluation and sustainable optimization of talent management processes and tools


Internal promotion: Especially for internal promotion it is important to make the value orientation of the company visible. The best way to do this is to use selection tools that review and reward reflected attitudes, responsible behavior and evidence of generating sustainable results.

Tripl3Leader - Preparing Leaders for Change

The Tripl3Leader workshop "Preparing Leaders for Change" supports leaders of all levels, e.g. division, department and team leaders, to psychological aspects of change that are critical to success.

Topics to be treated:

  • When it´s urgent: Making the right decision
  • How change works: Using a process model for orientation
  • Taking different perspectives into account: Understanding companies as systems
  • If logical reasoning fails: emotional intelligence makes the difference
  • Not all critics become fans: There are ways to strengthen consent
  • Every person reacts differently: offer support in a way that matches the individual
  • Employees do not live on salary alone: Recognize and anchor learning and progress

At the end of the workshop, all leaders will have fundamental change knowledge and valuable tools to accompany their employees through change processes in a psychologically sound manner. You will be perceived by your employees as competent in change.


Impulses, exercises, Q&A: essential models are presented, exercises to understand your own change reaction are conducted and expected reactions in your own team are worked by doing group exercises and discussions as well as Q&A's.

Duration: 3 hrs for division managers; 4 hrs for department managers and team leaders.

Group size and composition: Between 10-15 leaders per group, separated by hierarchy level for an experiential and open discussion.


Stakeholder Dialogs

Community building is currently one of the key success factors for companies. Stakeholder dialogs are an essential format for forward-looking organizations with value-based leadership and sustainable business results.

Our Services

Benefits for You

  • Sparring partner for the entire process
    Consulting support throughout the entire process from conception to follow-up of a stakeholder dialog

- Certainness of having a complete overview about the entire process, all documents & milestones

-Experience of an external sparring partner; collegial recording and review of all steps in a 4-eyes principle

-Recommendations for prioritization and implementation of next steps

-Inspiration through an experienced sparring partner

  • Conception
    We do the conceptual work for you/with you, from strategy integration to impact measurement.

-The integration of all relevant stakeholders is ensured

-Transparency in goal setting and process

-Efficient preparation

  • Execution/Organization
    We carry out the complete stakeholder dialog(s) for you/with you in terms of organization

-Use of proven checklists

-Providing technology and materials

-Time management and grouping

-Communication with Stakeholders

  • Moderation
    We moderate Stakeholder Dialogs for you.

-New inputs and professional moderation

-Neutral moderation creates trust among all participants

-Positively managed group dynamics

  • Post-processing
    Processing of the results and follow-up steps.

-Processing of results


-Communication of results

-First ideas for long-term process