Our Philosophy


As a true leader,

I do no harm.

My personal intention and business strategy is to serve the well-being of all.

My business activity contributes to a prosperous and healthy global society, respects human dignity and protects the environment.

The conduct of my business increases freedom, joy and learning of all involved.

My business results create true collective value.


The Purpose of Business is Society

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our vision

We see ourselves as supporters of a new generation of market leaders. Our clients are organizations that are highly profitable and respected by society because they find better solutions to the challenges of climate change and deliver sustainable performance. Through our three-dimensional perspective of People, Planet and Profit, we help your leaders make the right decisions for the future of your business. SDGs play an essential role in addressing the company's purpose.

Our contribution

The Sustainable Development Goals were published by the UN in 2015 to promote sustainable development worldwide. 17 concrete goals are designed to help actors identify their fields of action.

We integrate SDGs into our products and services because we are convinced that thinking about SDGs can increase mindset change in companies. Through the identification and increase of social corporate benefits including concrete indicators, sustainable corporate management becomes tangible.

With the high-quality tools and products of the True Leadership Family, we support your company in anchoring the objectives of SDGs in all your processes, products, services and business models, but above all in aligning your leadership culture as a whole with the current challenges.