Moving people and developing value-oriented leaders to effectively achieve sustainable business results

People decide, guide and lead. They control processes, develop organizations and find visions. They think, feel and act; support, integrate and bear responsibility; shape companies, form their drive and values. They leave traces - whether handprint or footprint; and they move something - themselves and others - inside and outside.

Tripl3Leader pays special attention to the people in the company and their potential. For our customers we are a competent, innovative and responsible partner in the long run. We support you in all phases of smaller and larger change projects.

In doing so, we design trainings:

sustainable - The Purpose of Business is society. Together with you we want to contribute to more responsible and value-oriented action. In doing so, we emphasize the reflection of your own role and the handling of critical situations. We create awareness for sustainable action and pick you up where you stand.

individual - We see people in their uniqueness. We meet them with a (basically) accepting attitude and great empathy. In doing so, we promote our own strengths and resources. There are no patent recipes for all teams and every single situation. Instead, we work with you to find individual and sustainable solutions.

demand-oriented - Our trainings are not an end in themselves, but are process-oriented and goal-oriented, with a focus on the essentials. We consider the interests of participants and clients as well as the future viability and resilience of your company.

holistic - We touch the head, heart and hand. Therefore, we work with selected and varied methods that address the whole person in thinking, feeling and acting on different levels.

practice-oriented - Learning by doing: Learning projects and practical exercises allow you to try out new things and expand your own behavioral repertoire. Experience-oriented learning is lively, promotes openness and motivation to change behavior and ensures a lasting transfer to everyday working life.

moving - Movements on the outside influence the inside and internal movements influence the outside. People move when they allow changes and move in a direction that is right for them. Enthusiasm is one of the most important personal characteristics. It stimulates, inspires, creates closeness and team spirit. It is important how we do things.

Some examples of our training topics

  • Clear, successful and appreciative communication
  • Solving conflicts creatively and constructively
  • Effective presentation and visualization
  • Apply learning methods and strategies
  • Moderate meetings and groups in a goal-oriented manner
  • Interculturally good cooperation
  • Develop personality
  • Healthy working and living, increasing resilience
  • Mindfulness, relaxation and breath
  • Manage time, cope with stress and shape yourself
  • Effectively develop sustainable leadership skills
  • Define and pursue clear, sustainable goals
  • Strengthen value-oriented attitude in companies