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True Leadership Capacity Model



The True Leadership Capacity Model is one of the most innovative and modern competency models. It promotes a leadership culture based on ethic reflection, responsible conduct and fosters sustainable results. The model serves as the foundation for advice in regard of your tools and management development (covering methods and instruments for all management development phases: attract-select-develop-promote-retain). Furthermore, Tripl3Leader provides the True Leadership SCORE, as a ready-to-use 360° feedback, based on this value-oriented competency model.

We support your company on the way to sustainable market leadership, through leadership development and through consulting on your HR processes as well as through the direct use of the True Leadership SCORE.

The danger: Why existing competency models do not protect you from scandals and misconduct

The usual competency models do not take a stand for sustainable economic activity. In contrast, the new Tripl3Leader Competency Model is deliberately normative. It takes a clear position for ethical reflection, responsible conduct and sustainable business results. It is therefore the competency model that best prepares for the challenges of the 21st century and supports an appropriate leadership culture.

No sustainable business results without ethical leaders. No ethical leaders in powerful positions without guiding competencies in selection and development.


The solution: The True Leadership Capacity Model is …

  • a user-friendly leadership competency model
  • based on recognized universal values and consequently worldwide applicable
  • the base of every HR tool used in the process of selecting and promoting leaders
  • increasing the quality of individual leadership and leadership culture in your company
  • significantly determining the contribution of HR to the business success in establishing an ethical-reflected and sustainable talent management

Overview Competencies

The Big 6

1. Purpose & Strategy
2. Self-Leadership
3. People Leadership
4. Problem-Solving & Change
5. Innovation
6. True Collective Value

Client feedback

The implementation of the True Leadership SCORE was very, very helpful for me. It encourages reflection and is a good support for ideas. (Senior Leader in Supplier Company)

Thank you for providing the True Leadership SCORE, it will certainly help me and my team! (Executive in DAX Company)

What we offer:

The True Leadership SCORE - for an effective sustainable leadership

By providing the True Leadership SCORE Tripl3Leader facilitates an ethical reflection on different management levels. The innovative 360° feedback is an effective tool to master the complexity of leadership in the 21st century and generate a thrivable company.

More information, see:

The True Leadership CAPACITY-MODEL - for the translation into diverse leadership development processes and tools

For a sustainable company, you need reflected, responsible leaders. Tripl3Leader compiles for you and your specific HR processes the necessary instruments, for instance for the selection, development and promotion.

Application examples:

  • Selection of University Graduates
  • Executive Development
  • Top Management Selection


  • Integration of value orientation into existing tools and processes
  • Feedback on ethical leadership intention, on effective sustainable implementation in problem and conflict resolution and on sustainable results actually achieved
  • Generation of future-proof tools and processes to holistically master the complexity of leadership in the 21st century

Contact us if you need complementary tools in your talent management and are interested in developing effectively sustainable managers.

Consult us - for optimizing your current competency model

Successful talent management ensures that the right leaders are placed in executive or C-level positions.

Optimize your existing competency model! We advise you on how your competency model provides the right basis to generate a sustainable business with the help of all your HR tools.

Talk to us if you are interested in a re-design of your in-house competency model and in developing effective sustainable leaders. Use the form below please or just call us.

Connect with us, if you want your current and future leaders to become more sustainable and take a big step onto the needs of the 21th century. Polish up your public reputation and become a sustainable market leader - happy to partner with you: Tripl3Leader – Leadership Excellence for the 21st century.



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