True Leadership CAPACITY MODEL

THE competence model for effective sustainable leadership.

Most competence models do not take a stand for sustainable management. Therefore, the new True Leadership CAPACITY MODEL is deliberately normative and contains the most important leadership competencies for achieving sustainable results.

It takes a clear position for ethical reflection, responsible behavior and sustainable business results. It is therefore the competency model that best prepares for the challenges of the 21st century and supports a corresponding leadership culture.

Why do we need a new competency model?

"No sustainable business results without responsible leaders. No responsible leadership without a clear governance on leadership competencies!”

Overview of the main competences:

1. Purpose & Strategy
2. Self-Leadership
3. People Leadership
4. Problem-Solving & Change
5. Innovation
6. True Collective Value/ Sustainable Results

How do the right people get into the right positions?

Read more about the origin and contents of the competence model at Forum Wirtschaftsethik.

The True Leadership CAPACITY MODEL ...

  • forms the foundation for every tool used in the promotion and selection process
  • promotes the quality of individual leadership and management teams in the company
  • optimizes HR's efforts for ethically reflective and sustainable talent management
  • is based on recognized universal values and is therefore internationally successful
  • strengthens a value-based management culture for sustainable results
  • is user-friendly and individually customizable/expandable

Translation into different FKE processes and tools

For a sustainable company you need reflected, responsible leaders. Tripl3Leader develops the necessary tools for you and your specific HR processes. They can be used for selection, development, and promotion.

Examples of use:

  • Leadership development and promotion
  • Retention of top management
  • Attraction and selection of university graduates

Added value:

  • Integration of value orientation into existing tools and processes
  • Feedback on ethical leadership mindset, on effective sustainable implementation in problem and conflict resolution and on achieved sustainable results.
  • Generation of sustainable tools and processes to comprehensively master the complexity of leadership in the 21st century

Talk to us if you need complementary tools in your talent management and are interested in developing effectively sustainable leaders.

Consulting to optimize your existing competency model

Successful talent management ensures that the right leaders are appointed to executive or C-level positions. Optimize your existing competency model! We advise you on how your competency model provides the right basis to generate a sustainable company with the help of all your HR tools.
Talk to us if you are working on revising your competency model and are interested in developing effectively sustainable leaders. Tripl3leader will be happy to help you create an optimal basis to master the current challenges.
Our True Leadership products and services are all based on this competence model. Learn more about it

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