True Leadership Journey

The True Leadership Journey is the leadership development program for effective sustainable leadership.



It comprises the essential 27 competencies of leadership, bundled into 6 competence areas:

1. Purpose & Strategy

2. Self-Leadership

3. People Leadership

4. Problem-Solving & Change

5. Innovation

6. True Collective Value/ Sustainable Results

The Journey is designed as a development journey and runs over several modules and months depending on the format. You have the choice between an open and an in-house offer as well as between face-to-face workshops or digital implementation.

Choose for yourself what is best suited for you as an executive, or what is best for you as a talent manager for your leaders:

  Attendance - WORKSHOP
  Open Company internal
Dates Module 1:  10.-13.10.2023
Module 2:  27.2.-1.3.2024
Module 3:  25.-28.6.2024
According to agreement
Duration Approx. 9 months Recommended approx. 9 months
Network development Cross-company through presence Internal company in the talent pool
Language German German or English
Recomm. number of participants

12-15 leaders;
3 per company

10-18 High-Potentials

3 modules a 3,5 D.
Professional implementation and support of the participants

Access to learning platform

True Leadership Toolbox

Based on the open presence offer in consultation


Location Tübingen/Stuttgart According to agreement
Certificate True Leadership Certificate True Leadership Certificate
Participation price

1 participant: 7450€/pp
Up to 3 participants: 6450€/pp
Up to 5 participants: 5450€/pp

Single module 2950€/pp

Company specific according to cost/agreement
Partner Weltethos-Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center
  Open Company internal
Dates At any time according to agreement
Duration Participant-dependent according to agreement
Network implementation Digital networking according to agreement
Language English English
Recomm. number of participants

No limits

No limits

Time and location independent implementation of 27 individual modules


Based on the open digital offer in consultation company-specific


Location Online Online


True Leadership Certificate True Leadership Certificate
Participation price


Company specific according to cost/agreement
Partner Weltethos Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center u.w.

Methods and tools embedded:

  • True Leadership SCORE; True Leadership TOOLBOX;
  • Learning projects during the duration of the program generate knowledge and experience and ensure the transfer of learning into your own practice.

Leading models and impulse generators, etc.: Hans Küng, John Elkington, r3.0, Kate Raworth, Noah Yuval Harari, Leadership Transitions, Well-Being, Diversity, Patrick Lencioni, Hambrick, SDG and many more.

Participants Feedback: TLJ 2019/2020


„The topic of sustainable leadership is something I haven't explored in such depth before, and it's something I'll be paying attention to in the future.“

“What particularly impressed me was the logical link between people, profit and the environment right from the start. In the hectic day-to-day business, it is important to link these three aspects because this is the only way to solve today's challenges.”

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