True Leadership Journey

The True Leadership JOURNEY is the leadership development program for effective sustainable leadership.

We invite leaders to immerse themselves in our True Leadership JOURNEY. Benefit from the many development opportunities for your sustainable business and align your team for the future.

The True Leadership JOURNEY builds transformational skills that support ethical reflection, responsible implementation and sustainable work outcomes. And it does so on three levels: my personal attitude and role as a leader, effectively empowering my team and leading them to success, and generating positive added value for stakeholders and society as an entrepreneur with a clear purpose, strategy and business goals.

The Journey is designed as a developmental journey and goes over several modules and months depending on the format. You have the choice between an open and a company-internal offer as well as between face-to-face workshops or digital implementation.

The True Leadership JOURNEY Success factors for building future-relevant leadership competencies:

  • Three practice-relevant modules of 3.5 days each with impulses, reflections and exercises
  • Thematic linking of leadership and sustainability (in the sense of people, planet, profit)
  • Organizationally relevant learning project for immediate ROI and learning transfer
  • Individual coaching & learning support
  • True Leadership elements included (Leadership Motivation Scan, True Leadership SCORE, True Leadership TOOLBOX)
  • Field trips, team building activities, True Leadership Community, Movie Night, etc.

Guiding models and impulses: Global Ethic Values (Hans Küng), Doughnut Economy (Kate Raworth), Sustainable Development Goals (UN), as well as classic leadership development content

We are looking forward to further impulse-giving contributions from experts of our partners: Weltethos-Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center and many more.

Participants Feedback


„The topic of sustainable leadership is something I haven't explored in such depth before, and it's something I'll be paying attention to in the future.“

“What particularly impressed me was the logical link between people, profit and the environment right from the start. In the hectic day-to-day business, it is important to link these three aspects because this is the only way to solve today's challenges.”

Further Information & FAQ

True Leadership JOURNEY Content

At True Leadership JOURNEY, we work with leaders to always think one step ahead. Sustainable leadership means not only following laws and guidelines but also keeping an eye on the big picture with an eye to the future and setting a good example in the company - as well as in society. What will tomorrow's world look like because you are a leader today?

  • My role and responsibility as a leader
  • Negotiating needs & interests
  • Promoting personal and organizational resilience
  • Building sustainable networks through participation
  • Translating purpose & corporate strategy into clear business goals
  • Cross-generational value orientation as a compass for cooperation
  • Promoting systemic development & change
  • Performance & result assurance in terms of people, planet & profit

In three modules, these topics are examined from different perspectives:

  1. Leading Myself: Recognizing, reflecting, and effectively using one's own values, goals, and resources.
  2. Leading Others: Enabling the team to perform at its best and also thinking about stakeholders outside the team boundaries.
  3. Leading the Business: Shaping social transformation as a company for the future.


Aim of the True Leadership JOURNEY

The goal of the True Leadership JOURNEY is to help leaders address current and future global challenges. The focus is on:

  • Developing key competencies using theory/model-based and field-tested methods,
    to successfully master current and future global challenges.
  • Strengthening values-based leadership for effectively sustainable business results.
  • A mindshift through 3 face-to-face modules to develop trust, an understanding of globally connected business and a
    sustainable mindset.
  • Strong community building through the diversity of participants, stakeholder integration and
    intensive exchange across company boundaries.
  • Role model and multiplier effect in the development of sustainable strategies and their implementation in the company.


Methods for a successful transfer to practice

At the True Leadership JOURNEY, the focus is not only on the acquisition of competencies, but also on the transfer of practical experience. Therefore, we always combine the thematic input with practical exercises and reflection time. In addition, our methodical approach supports participants in applying and deepening their newly learned knowledge directly in their personal work context and everyday business life.

  • 3 levels of learning: Individual development, team development, and networking within the True Leadership Community, transfer into real everyday situations.
  • Long-term program (3 modules spread over 9 months) incl. individual development plans and coaching accompanying step-by-step in-depth implementation.
  • Short inputs from experts to generate a positive contribution to a future worth living in.
  • Application of new knowledge in individually tailored, company-relevant learning projects ensures transfer into practice and generates immediate ROI for the organization.
  • Individual 360° feedback on effectively sustainable leadership competencies (True Leadership SCORE) with
    Strengths/weaknesses profile, identification of development areas, development recommendations, etc.
  • Learning platform with additional virtual learning opportunities, inputs and methods; e.g. True Leadership
    TOOLBOX included.


Find the individually suitable format

The Journey is designed as a development journey and takes place over several modules and months, depending on the format. You have the choice between an open and an in-house offering as well as between face-to-face workshops and digital delivery.

Choose for yourself what is most suitable for you as a manager or for you as a talent manager for your managers:

  Attendance - WORKSHOP DIGITAL Implementation
  Open Company internal  
Dates Module 1:  10.-13.10.2023
Module 2:  27.2.-1.3.2024
Module 3:  25.-28.6.2024
According to agreement According to agreement
Duration Approx. 9 months Recommended approx. 9 months According to agreement
Network development Cross-company through presence Internal company in the talent pool According to agreement
Language German German or English English
Recomm. number of participants

12-15 leaders;
3 per company

10-18 High-Potentials

No limits


3 modules a 3,5 D.
Professional implementation and support of the participants

Access to learning platform

True Leadership Toolbox

Based on the open presence offer in consultation


Based on the open digital offer in consultation compandy-specific

Location Tübingen/Stuttgart According to agreement Online
Certificate True Leadership Certificate True Leadership Certificate True Leadership Certificate
Participation price

1 participant: 7450€/pp
Up to 3 participants: 6450€/pp
Up to 5 participants: 5450€/pp

Single module 2950€/pp

Company specific according to cost/agreement

Company specific according to cost/agreement

Partner Weltethos-Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center Weltethos-Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center


Who is the target group for the True Leadership JOURNEY?

The course program is particularly recommended for executives of companies and organizations at all levels who want to live an effectively sustainable leadership culture in their company.

In addition to executives, the True Leadership JOURNEY is also aimed at people interested in sustainability, both with and without direct personnel responsibility, who want to make their company or organization future-proof. The True Leadership JOURNEY thrives on the exchange of people from organizations in different industries, legal forms, and locations.

We are always happy to welcome interested participants from universities and reserve a few places with special conditions in each round. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


How many seminar days are included in the True Leadership JOURNEY?

Our open program consists of 10.5 seminar days, structured in 3 modules of 3.5 days each:

  • Module 1: Leading Myself
  • Module 2: Leading Others
  • Module 3: Leading the Business

Normally, the three modules are completed in the order shown within a fixed learning group. In individual cases, participation in single modules is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The dates for the next modules of the open program, as well as other events around the topic of True Leadership, can be found here.

For in-house programs, other program structures are also conceivable. We would be happy to design a customized program with you that fits the individual needs of your organization.


What competencies are trained in the True Leadership JOURNEY?

The program covers the teaching of the essential 27 competencies of leadership. These are bundled into 6 competency areas:

  1. Purpose & Strategy
  2. Self-Leadership
  3. People Leadership
  4. Problem-Solving & Change
  5. Innovation
  6. True Collective Value

The following competencies are in the foreground:

  • Developing, reflecting, and implementing the overall purpose of the company. Generating not only strategy but also purpose.
  • Achieving a positive handprint (social contribution). Leadership from the inside out.
  • Reinforcing personal effectiveness and proactively taking responsibility. Every leadership starts with myself (self-leadership).
  • Leadership of employees and teams: methods and approaches to involve one's own team, but also society.
  • Strengthening communication skills with interest groups (stakeholders).
  • Problem-solving: from the big picture to daily business.
  • Initiating and implementing change. From short-term problem-solving to long-term systemic transformation.
  • Generate responsible innovation. Today's solutions are tomorrow's problems.
  • Achieve social added value. Sustainable results and transparency in all three sustainability dimensions.


What services does the True Leadership JOURNEY provide?
  • 10.5 seminar days (3 modules of 3.5 days each)
  • Professional implementation and support during and between the seminars
  • Development of custom-fit implementation possibilities in practice-relevant learning projects
  • True Leadership TOOLBOX with over 180 impulses for responsible leadership
  • True Leadership SCORE (360° feedback) for valuable feedback from your own environment in the company
  • E-learning platform for individual preparation and follow-up
  • Individual development plans and coaching between modules
  • Network building and exchange through team building activities with participants from other companies
  • Certification of participants
  • Inspiring short impulses and keynotes by external speakers
  • Philosophical Deep-Dives in cooperation with the Weltethos Institut Tübingen (WEIT)
  • and much more


What are the prices of the True Leadership JOURNEY?

Price scale according to the number of participants per company:

  • 5 participants: 5.450€/TN
  • 3-4 participants 6.450€/TN
  • 1-2 participants: 7.450€/TN

The prices include the course fee; accommodation and meals are paid by the participants.

Your registration becomes binding after confirmation in a preliminary meeting and subsequent transfer of the course fee.

Participation in individual modules is possible by arrangement.

We are always happy to welcome interested participants from universities and reserve a few places with special conditions for each course. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


When does the next True Leadership JOURNEY start?

The next True Leadership JOURNEY starts in February 2024:

  • Modul 1: 27.02.-01.03.2024
  • Modul 2: 25.-28.6.2024
  • Modul 3: 8.10.-11.10.24

If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please contact us by mail.

In the Events section, we also provide regular information about our open True Leadership event formats. You will also find the dates for information events on the True Leadership JOURNEY there.



The following videos feature clips from past True Leadership JOURNEYS.

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