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True Leadership Journey

True Leadership Journey (TLJ) - towards value-based leadership culture and sustainable organizations

The True Leadership Journey is a modular workshop and training experience with blended learning elements for leaders. The participating leaders will increase their competencies for effective sustainable leadership and their ability to secure a prosperous future for their enterprises. It includes three workshop modules within 9 months in which leaders will reflect, learn and exercise relevant attitudes, approaches, models and work to significantly improve their own business realities.

The True Leadership Journey is a comprehensive leadership development program. It can be realized either as an open or a business internal program. The course program is based on the normative True Leadership competence model and focusses on the developing competences in the following areas: Purpose & Strategy, Self-Leadership, People Leadership, Change & Innovation, Problem-Solving and True Collective Value (sustainable and transparent business results)

Participants will improve their competences regarding the following topics:

Understanding Purpose & Strategy for Sustainable Business

Building a Positive Handprint. Leadership from Inside Out

Leading Myself: Improving Personal Impact

Learning-Projects & Individual Development Plan

Leading Individuals & Teams: Methods & Tools

Building Community: Shareholder – Stakeholder – Rightsholder

Solving Problems in Teams

Ensuring Progress of Learning-Projects

Leading Through Change

Creating Responsible Innovation

Ensuring True Collective Value: Sustainable Business Results & Transparency

Transferring Knowledge: Anchoring in Daily Business

Our methods increase transfer into daily business.

Participants work on learning projects during the whole course. This way they can gain experiences that help to transfer knowledge into daily business activity.

The long-term program (3 modules spread over 9 months) accompanies implementation step-by-step.

The multi-module structure supports a true learning process, building of culture and retention.

The face-to-face format makes it easy to network.

Online tools offer additional support: e.g. our own 360° Feedback: The normative True Leadership SCORE

A globally proved concept helps dock onto global standards.

Time for and guidance towards ethical reflection help develop leadership competence.

For the open program we recommend 3-5 participants per business as a future-fit internal cell.

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Please send us the completed registration form by e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Who should participate

The TLJ is perfect for leaders of organizations who want to establish an effective sustainable leadership culture.

You will meet your fellow leaders

during 3 modules, each 3,5 day within 9 months. (Please note the dates for the upcoming public program)

Modul 1: Purpose & Strategy; Self Leadership
Modul 2: People Leadership; Problem Solving
Modul 3: Innovation & Change; True Collective Value


  • 10,5 workshop days (3 modules à 3,5 days)
  • Professional conduct and guidance
  • Comprehensive development of leadership competencies and culture
  • Individual e-learning options
  • Individual or small group learning projects or sprints
  • Ethical self reflection
  • Certificate on effective sustainable leadership
  • Increased peer group within and beyond own company
  • Immediate visible benefit to organization


Action-learning/experiential learning, Lunch keynotes, Philosophical deep dives in cooperation with Global Ethics Institute Tübingen (WEIT), Coaching coffee, Fingerfood and film, Journaling, e-portfolio

…and a series of inspiring workshops.

Leading frameworks incl.: Triple Bottom Line, Breakthrough Innovation (John Elkington), Global business ethics (Hans Küng), Strategy development (Hambrick), Integrated Reporting, Noah Yuval Harari, Leadership Transitions, Mindfulness & Well-Being, Diversity/Intercultural Training, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (P. Lencioni), Emotional Intelligence, VUCA, Big Data, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Change models, Agile management to name a few.

Facts & Partners

Module 1: September 15-18, 2020
Module 2: January 19-22, 2021
Module 3: April 20-23, 2021

Modul 1+2: Global Ethic Institute (Weltethos-Institut), Hintere Grabenstr. 26, 72070 Tübingen, Germany
Modul 3: iPoint-systems, Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 58, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany

Guiding facilitators:
Tripl3Leader senior and executive consultants

Weltethos-Institut, r3.0, Humanistic Management Center, iPoint-systems

Future Prospects - Dates 2021:
Module 1: May 04-07, 2021
Module 2: September 14-17, 2021
Module 3: January 18-21, 2022
TLJ Course Concept - for effective sustainable leaders
  • Comprehensive curricular training course
  • Goal: Effective sustainable leadership to accomplish responsible economic practices
  • Target group: Leaders in companies
  • Methodical framework: Face-to-face modules as well as a mix of methods
  • Timeline: 3 Modules (each for 3.5 days) within 9 months
Overview of Modules – Module 1

Module 1 is all about the competences “Purpose & Strategy” and “Self-Leadership”: We focus on development, reflection and implementation of the business’s purpose, achieving a positive handprint (contribution to society) and boosting leadership competences from inside out. Behavior towards oneself and others is addressed step-by-step. Awareness, self-reflection as a leader’s tasks, as well as exercises regarding emotional intelligence and diversity are important focal points. A yoga lesson and other awareness exercises help leaders becoming more aware in their daily life. To achieve an effective transfer, learning projects are defined, and an individual development plan will be created.


  • Philosophical deep dive: Participants can discuss ethical questions with experts of the Global Ethic institute
  • Individual coaching regarding learning projects
Overview of Modules – Module 2

Module 2 focusses on the competences “People Leadership” and “Problem-Solving”. Models on team leadership, effective communication and problem-solving help manage difficult situations. Stakeholder dialogues are essential to achieve sustainable business results. You can look forward to a valuable discussion. The movie night focusses on societal problems and the following ethical reflection helps finding solutions.


  • “Stocherkahnfahrt”
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Movie night
  • Individual coaching regarding learning projects
Overview of Modules – Module 3

To generate sustainable business results, it is of central importance to be able to promote innovations and master changes. In module 3 leaders learn about different techniques of agile management, get to know tools to implementing and accompanying change processes. The Responsible Innovation Day offers the chance to exchange ideas with guests presenting their responsible innovation. Exercises regarding implementation of innovation encourage leaders to promote future-fit ideas in their own businesses. Principles on digital topics such as big data or machine learning are presented in a way for leaders to participate in the discussions.


  • Responsible Innovation Day
  • Individual coaching regarding learning projects
Price List

Prices scaled according to the amount of participants per company:

  ≥ 5 participants: 5.450€/p

  ≥ 3 participants: 6.450€/p

  ≥ 1 participant(s): 7.450€/p

Single module: 2.950 € per participant

  • The price includes the course fee; accommodation and catering will be covered by the participant.
  • Limited number of seats available.
  • Your registration will only be validated after a phone interview and the ensuing transfer of the course fee.

Register now

Please send us the completed registration form by e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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