True Leadership SCORE

With the True Leadership SCORE, executives and leadership teams can find out how strongly their competencies of responsible leadership are perceived.

The entire feedback process takes place conveniently online. The SCORE results from the self-assessment and the feedback of the substantial 360° feedback. The individual or team report shows strengths and areas of development and gives concrete development recommendations for the different management levels. The recommended individual feedback meeting or team workshop ensures the optimal implementation in your own management responsibility and the company.

Current customer feedback

"The implementation of the True Leadership SCORE was very, very helpful for me. It makes you think and is a good source of ideas"

- Senior Leader in supplier company

"Thank you very much for letting me use the True Leadership SCORE, it will certainly help me and my team!

- Executive of a DAX company

"If we had done this (True Leadership SCORE) process earlier and with the team, some things would have gone much better"

- Senior Leader in technology companies

"Remarkable how well it (the True Leadership SCORE) reflects me. It's worth a compliment."

- Managing Director of a medium-sized company

"Very helpful instrument to transform self-reflection into concrete behavioral change".

- C-Level Leader in a software company


The innovative SCORE is based on the True Leadership Capacity Model and is an effective tool for mastering leadership in the 21st century and building a sustainable company.

The questionnaire:

  • 27 competencies bundled in 6 categories, from strategy to implementation and result generation
  • Quality scientifically tested by Kassel University
  • Scaled questions and free answer options
  • Intuitive online implementation and administration makes work easier for HR
  • Server in EU ensures data security

Languages: German, English and others on request


The report:

  • Detailed results for each competence, clearly visualized
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Embedding in a management culture analysis
  • Clear presentation of the True Leadership SCORE

The feedback meeting:

  • Detailed analysis of the results in a personal conversation
  • Additional written development recommendations
  • Generation of an individual development plan (IDP)
  • Personally relevant book & video recommendations

True Leadership SCORE for Teams

For the goal of an ethically reflected and responsibly acting leadership team, which expands its market position through sustainable results, the True Leadership SCORE for Teams not only provides a perfect assessment, but also already includes individual and team development recommendations.

Tripl3Leader supports you during the entire implementation process. From goal setting, communication with your leaders, administration of online access, evaluation reports, feedback for individual leaders and the team and subsequent development workshops.


Process steps (can be customized):

  • Clarification of the order with HR or management
  • Kick off (virtual or personal) with the leaders involved
  • Administration and helpdesk for online access and conducting the survey
  • Creation of the over 40-page feedback report for each individual leader in the team
  • Scheduling for individual feedback and feedback meetings (virtual or personal)
  • Preparation of the team report with strengths, weaknesses and deviations as well as development recommendations for the leadership team
  • Workshop with the management team to interpret the results, deeper insight into the team dynamics with regard to sustainable market leadership, derivation and agreement of development steps.
  • Re-run after approx. 12-18 months recommended.